aWe can lick life TOGETHER!  The Word of God contains all the wisdom, power and knowledge necessary to win in life.  Let us show and teach you how to prosper using the instructional manual (the Bible) that our Heavenly Father gave us for life. We passionately love teaching others the Word of God. 


eEach week, First Lady Toni Corbett shares a word from the Lord with our partners or whoever visits our site.  We call these inspiration messages Toni’s Enjoy this week’s entry!


There are many large churches in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolis. In fact, this area hosts some of the largest mega-churches in America as well as hundreds of smaller churches that are seemingly located on every corner.  Why then are we planting another church?  There at least two great reasons why more Bible-teaching churches are needed here.


First, and most importantly, this area is still unchurched.  There are approximately 6 million people here and 4 million (75%) do not regularly attend church nor consider themselves committed Christians. The right kind of new churches are needed to help reach these people. In other words, this area needs thousands of more mega churches.


Second, many of the churches here are very traditional, which means they are more committed to old customs than adhering to the Word of God.  That is tragic because Jesus said certain traditions make the Word of God ineffective.  Hence, many Christians here are ineffective at reaching their family, friends, and communities for Christ and walking in victory in their personal lives. This is the second reason why this area needs thousands of more dynamic non-traditional mega-churches to reach the millions of unchurched people that live here.


Our church has a great strategy and mission of finding and evangelizing the unchurched people here and developing them into mature Christians. We believe a mature disciple GLOWS:

G – Gives time to Bible study and prayer daily,
L – Loves people evangelistically,
O – Obeys God’s Word consistently,
W – Worships God genuinely, and
S – Sows into the Work of God faithfully.