aWe can lick life TOGETHER!  The Word of God contains all the wisdom, power and knowledge necessary to win in life.  Let us show and teach you how to prosper using the instructional manual (the Bible) that our Heavenly Father gave us for life. We passionately love teaching others the Word of God. 


eEach week, First Lady Toni Corbett shares a word from the Lord with our partners or whoever visits our site.  We call these inspiration messages Toni’s Enjoy this week’s entry!


Since Fresh Oil International Church is a new church plant, all of the ministries we envision starting are not up and running yet.  These are the ministries that we plan to implement in the future to serve and empower our congregation and community.  We will update this page as the Lord sends men and women to lead various ministries of the church.

Small Group Ministry

This ministry will be design to provide fellowship, discipleship and mentorship in a small group setting. Each member will be encouraged to join or cell group.  Learn More.

NexGen Youth & College Ministry

Absolutely nothing is more important than providing dynamic and relevant ministry for our youth.  They are the next generation of leaders and satan is constantly trying to corrupt them.  Learn More

S.W.A.T. Street Ministry

The acronym S.W.A.T. stands for Soul Winning Advance Team.  It refers to the team of anointed, appointed and trained street ministers that we plan to release into the streets with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses will have nothing on S.W.A.T.  Learn More  

Couples Ministry

With over fifty percent of Christian couples divorcing, every church should have a great couple’s ministry.  Our couple’s ministry will be a focal point of our ministry since we believe strong churches are built on strong marriages.  Learn More

Singles Ministry

At Fresh Oil, single Christians will not be a second thought.  As we said above, fifty percent of Christian couples divorce.  Hence, many singles are divorcees or contemplating marriage.  Learn More

Children's Ministry

The Bible is clear that Jesus loved the little children.  We too love the little children and want to teach them to love Jesus from an early age.  In fact, most people who become committed Christians were introduced to Jesus at an early age.  Learn More

CEO Ministry

CEO stands for creating economic opportunities.  It’s our ministry to assist ex-offenders create business opportunities for themselves since many have difficulties finding employment.